Isle of Man Queenies Awarded “Protected Designation of Origin” Status

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The European Commission confirmed today that Isle of Man Queenies had been awarded European Union „Protected Designation of Origin? (PDO) status. This award means that queenies landed elsewhere or that do not meet the specifications set by the PDO cannot claim to be Isle of Man Queenies.

Speaking today, Phil Gawne MHK, Minister for the Department said: “ I am delighted to see this status being awarded by the European Commission, reflecting the unique quality of Isle of Man Queenies. The Isle of Man has traditionally had a very different approach to queen scallops to that seen elsewhere, concentrating efforts on producing the very best quality product that reflects the care we take from the net to the plate with this product. Unique is a word that is very much over-used in this day and age, but the awarding of PDO status confirms that, in this instance, Isle of Man Queenies really are unique, and not to be confused with lower quality product produced elsewhere. Our processors and fishermen should be genuinely proud of this achievement.”

Tim Croft, speaking on behalf of the Island?s processors added: “Manx fishermen and processors have made great efforts to ensure that we place only the best quality queenies on the market. These reflect the fact that we have a day fishery, for trawl caught queenies, that are suitable for hand processing and provide the highest meat yields. These queenies are larger than those landed elsewhere and, unlike many scallops available on international markets, have no added water. It is great that we will now be formally able to distinguish our products in the marketplace, and be able to reassure our growing customer base that they are buying the “genuine article.”

1. Full details of the award can be found here 

2. To be labelled as an ‘Isle of Man Queenie’ queenies must be:

Caught in a light, low impact trawl that does not damage the seabed or force any grit into the shell

Be landed day fresh into the Isle of Man

Be hand processed, within 24 hours of landing

Be roe on

Have no added water

3. The Isle of Man Queenie fishery is the only queenie fishery in the British Isles to be regulated. As well as seasonal closures and restrictions to conserve the stock, and the eco-system that supports it, the minimum landing size for queenies is the largest in Europe. 4. The Isle of Man Queenie trawl fishery was awarded Marine Stewardship Council accreditation in 2011, confirming that the fishery was managed sustainably. It was the first scallop fishery in European Waters to achieve this accreditation. 5. Isle of Man Queenies were winners of the Billingsgate Sustainable Seafood Awards in 2011.


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