About the festival

The Isle of Man Queenie Festival started in 2009 as the brainchild of two local people who shared a passion for seafood and the local marine environment around the Isle of Man. Tim Croft a local shellfish producer and Graham Hall a resident of Port St Mary, had a vision to create a unique festival taking place each year in the south of the island that would bring together all of the interests that people shared in the sea and coast such as recreation, history, culture, food, conservation and wildlife under the umbrella of the Queenie Festival in a celebration of the sea. The first festival took place over a week with a full programme of events. The current format takes place over a weekend and includes highlights such as the Sure Mobile Beach Party on Port Erin beach with the remaining Marine Weekend taking place on the Saturday and Sunday in the fishing village of Port St Mary. Over the weekend there is lots and lots of entertainment and attractions for people of all ages and it really offer something for everyone. It really is a celebration of the sea!