Queenie Conundrum

STOP PRESS! GOLDEN QUEENIE HAS BEEN FOUND TODAY 12 JULY 2009 – Futher details to follow soon!

The hunt is on for a solid gold Queenie shell worth £4,000 buried somewhere on the Isle of Man. As part of this year’s Isle of Man Queenie Festival a Golden Queenie, moulded by Celtic Gold, has been hidden on the Island for intrepid treasure hunters to find.

What better way to spend a summer’s day than heading out on a real life treasure hunt? The adventure starts with solving the Queenie Conundrum contained within this year’s Queenie Festival Programme, available in retailers around the Island. Additional clues may be made available at a later date but everything you need to identify the location is included in the Queenie Conundrum.

Tim Croft, organizer of the Isle of Man Queenie Festival added, “We are really excited to have such an amazing prize on offer for the Queenie Conundrum treasure hunt. Not only will solving the puzzle and heading out to look for it be great fun, but the reward at the end is truly spectacular for one lucky person or family.”

The Isle of Man Queenie Festival is a week of events celebrating the sea and the Manx Queenie. Events include beach parties, live music, barbeques, sailing, kayaking, diving, fishing, Marine Day and more. Everyone is invited so pick up your event programme and take part.

The Golden Queenie will not be buried on any National Trust or private property.

THE QUEENIE CONUNDRUM – See the Queenie Festival Programme, available in shops Islandwide!

Solve Paragraph 1 to find your starting place, then the next to stay on the trail
Within each paragraph there is even a hint toward your golden grail
We would suggest that when you solve, make a note of the place
Refer to that note as you move along , it will help you win the race
And so to the first where do we start Laa mie will help no end
no tans are located as your over the burn , where wild garlic hides a friend

Go from your start a bit the wiser you can leave with no more than a wave
Head for the hill of a silver brew in search of a queenies grave
Three times the bell rang but to no avail still uncovered, but at peace
Twas Timothy, tailor, who as cool as ice was able to sink the beast

Onward and upward a dozen feet
A rush lined path where all can meet
To a place where the Queen may shine
A turn in the gym will give a sign

There`s no time for Rushing ,what you must pass is mine
C2C`s on left and right, that must be a sign
Have a sandwich , admire the view, its good to be alive
Cast an eye upon a place built by the famous 5

The morn is looking lovely its given a cracking day
Just the weather for a promenade to blow the dust away
An English mans home is his castle, or at least it used to be
With a royal guard whose steps we share lets head toward the sea

Sorry treasure hunters we have been way laid, the Marine Day event caused the Conundrum Clue to be delayed!

You`ve concentrated on your steps, and stood upon the stand
You`ve all you need to find it, programme and shovel in your hand
The answers were always there within, focus on what you need to know
Its feet that need to pace it out, the Golden Queenie is on show

As new clues are released we will make sure they are available here on this page!