Queenie Conundrum

Solve the clues and visit each location where you will see a letter thus helping solve the location of clue 6. Proceed and find the Queenie,  ring the number and give the code.

Here are the clues to the Queenie Conundrum 2010

1.  Sounds like a niche where time stands still

But there’s NO stopping there, so on up that far hill

Harry Webb’s in bad shape, oh dear he has split

But our clue waits the person just happy to sit

2. This holy man joins up with get-set and go

While the lords of the ring invite a hello

Seeing red? Well why not examine behind?

A sail’s end could encourage our quiz to unwind

3. Through the glass clearly a head we can sea

There’s nothing obscured, but close by there could be

A nudge towards where an answer is found

To a treasure that lies not above but below ground

4. Be our adder? Said quickly , that sounds good advice

To discover where Merlin’s mixed up on the heights

A substantial lock towering there over your head

So check for a clue. Up and up I’d have said

5. Passing the links and we can see the light

But no need for top gear, something fishy’s in sight

A cool head might be needed to tackle this climb

But don’t try it , just inside will do us just fine

6. Head for sea level to continue your chase

Over the crest of the wave , sunrise in your face

If a friend is in trouble then give them a ring

Or try by the post to contact  fred`s offspring.


The Queenie Conundrum is proudly sponsored by:

Celtic Gold

Good Luck!