Queenie Conundrum 2010 Solved

The Golden Queenie Conundrum 2010 Solved Solve the clues and visit each location where you will see a letter thus helping solve the location of clue 6, proceed and find the Queenie, ring the number and give the code 1  Sounds like a niche where time stands still  (Cregneish ) But there's NO stopping there, so on up that far hill  (towards chasm ) Harry Webb's ( cliffs real name ) in bad shape, oh dear he has split  (chasm ) But our clue waits the person just happy to sit  ( shelter at chasms ) Letter E 2. This holy man( saint ) joins up with get-set and go ( marks ) While the lords of the ring invite a hello (Manx Telecom ) Seeing red? well why not examine behind? (phone box ) A sail's end (clew )could encourage our quiz to unwind Letter Y 3. Through the glass clearly  a head we can sea (telescope ) There's nothing obscured, but close by there could be  (obsura ) A nudge towards where an answer is found  (on railings ) To a treasure that lies not above but below ground Letter X 4.Be our adder? said quickly , that sounds good advice  ( Bradda Head ) To discover where Merlin's mixed up on the heights. ( milners ) A substantial lock towering there over your head.  (tower ) So check for a clue. Up and up I'd have said.  ( up the stairs ) Letter A 5. Passing the links and we can see the light  ( golflinks to Langness ) But no need for top gear, something fishy's in sight  ( herring tower ) A cool head might be needed to tackle this climb  ( tower ) But don’t try it , just inside will do us just fine.  ( letter inside door ) Letter L Now in Laxey 6. Head for sea level to continue your chase  ( name of house on prom  ) over the crest of the wave , sunrise in your face  (over the road from wave crest ) if a friend is in trouble then give them a ring  (lifebelt ) or try by the post to contact  fred`s offspring ( lifebelt attached to post )  ( under pebbles ) under the pebbles it was written 'Call  and get the last clue' Last clue where there`s a will then theres a way  ( King Williams college  Ronaldsway  ) strange but true  its proverb day    ( mount strange,  real name of Hango Hill ) down the path from a fine weather abode  ( old building former summer house ) a hole in the wall will reveal the code  (in a tub in wall )