Queenie Conundrum 2011

1. The quest begins where spirits form, from swirling mists and then, Established and contained within, can twist the minds of men. 2. Nearby, at least not far away, a glazed viewpoint stands so bold, To other Kingdoms o’er cool seas, a strongpoint to behold. 3. Fly as the corvid winged bird above the land and sea, cross o’er the Baltic to a place where a holy man would be. Here the pious cobbler’s hens foretold, it was the Sabbath day, and sent that troubled soul to drown, as he ran so fast to pray. 4. Set sail from land where the Nicky’s ‘bow, pointing out to sea, a milestone in a journey as fast as fast can be, and take the line that you have flown my faithful old black raven, to where you should come to land in the safety of the haven. 5. If your line is straight and true, nearby a place to feed, And by Sir Williams gift to us, the bell tolls for those in need. 6. More bells to toll my winged friend, as I can clearly say, Where 8 will ring for old Carmane, upon the 13th day. 7. Upon a hill a saintly man, to the Pagan quite contrary With cross from earth did flow a brew, not efficacious for a fairy 8. From West to East more to fly my winged corvid sage, where William Oates the dubbed had preached, in a distant age, The stylish tablet ‘ere to gaze, a daughter of John Clucas, tells of her great age. 9. Straight on, straight on, to silver sea, find where it’s dry but steamy, and find the numbered pillar there, but don’t let yourself get dreamy 10. Navigator take me to the lair where the flowing mane of Embarr fair. Would at 1585 be stabled for the night And then on pillar straight and white, a number cast will keep you right. 11. The end of your journey you should know, lies before you far below. But where to fly on wings so straight? To where maps are useful to this show. 12. Your wings beat fast my corvid friend, you sense that we are near the end, to Tobbacco Gullet my lovely lads and lasses, where it glows 240 when hour passes 13. So turn and face that fire Gods place, where many years afore, the earth did split, and from it spit the landmark you before. 14. And in a line as straight as straight over water must you fly to where a light shines from above upon the land so dry. And there you reach your goal my friend a number you should find, the key to all that you should seek and rest your clever mind. Write your answers to each clue in the Queenie Festival programme (available FREE from local newsagents) or print of an entry here to find the code . When you solve the last clue ( 14 ) it will lead you to a mobile number . Text the 13 digit and letter code to the Mobile number and await next instruction. In order to win the Golden Queenie you must have the correct code.