Where to buy

Seafood BBQ For Chefs and Restaurants Half Shell Queen Scallops - Island Shellfish Queen Scallop meat - Island Shellfish Retailers Desmonds, 23, Parliament Square, Ramsey Devereau`s, Castle Street Douglas & Mill Road, Peel Moores Old Kipper Factory, Mill Road, Peel Paddy’s Market The Quay, Port St Mary Shoprite - All stores island wide Tesco, Lake Road Douglas Read`s Fine Foods,  7 New Road,  Laxey Wholesale Queen Scallops - Island Shellfish King Scallops - Island Seafare Devereau's K Makin Paddys Market Robinsons H & E Cubbon Jack Frost Mailorder Island Seafare Manx Kippers Restaurants and Pubs Manx Queenies can be eaten and bought from The Fish House Port St Mary. Available on the menu of numerous restaurants and pubs throughout the Isle of Man. Enjoy the superb taste and texture of the Islands finest Manx Queenies.