Manx Queenie Spring Rolls Isle of Man TT 2009 appearance

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TT racer Keith Amor and ITV presenter Craig Doyle enjoy a Manx Queenie Spring Roll during the 2009 TT races festival.

TT racer Keith Amor and ITV presenter Craig Doyle enjoy a Manx Queenie Spring Roll during the 2009 TT races festival.

Blink and you've missed them! For those of you who are keen TT fans you will have seen our very own Manx Queenie Spring Rolls make an appearance last week on the ITV4 coverage of the Isle of Man TT 2009. Craig Doyle of ITV4 was seen interviewing riders Keith Amor and Connor Cummings as they both tucked into a couple of Manx Queenie Spring Rolls after the second Supersport race with both commenting on what a great snack and how fresh tasting they were. The Manx Queenies made an appearance at the TT grandstand on Wednesday the 10th of June as part of the launch of the Isle of Man Queenie Festival. Kath Sentance of Relish took the Queenie Roadshow out and about around the island for locals and TT fans to sample the Queenie delights and there was also a chance for any visitors to win a weekend break to the festival that begins on the 29th June this year. The Queenie Roadshow visited the Peel Honda Day, Ramsey Sprint as well as the TT grandstand as people competed to be the fastest Queenie Spring Roll Roller on the Island (Thanks to Dave Myers and Si King for the recipe last year!) All in all it was a great success and we even got a spot on ITV4 beamed out around the world! Fantastic! You will be able to sample lots of Queenie delights including the Manx Queenie Spring Rolls at many of the events being held for this year festival. Pick up a programme from participating newsagents to get the full lowdown!

Quick and Simple Manx Queenie and Chorizo Salad Recipe

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Manx Queenies and Chorizo Salad RecipeWell if you're looking for fast food it doesn't get much quicker than this. We've just added a Manx Queenie and Chorizo Salad Recipe to our recipe page that is not only healthy for you but also tastes absolutely amazing. This dish makes a great starter presented in a King Scallop shell. The red colour of the Chorizo really gives this dish an interesting look and provides the dish with fantastic flavour. Make sure you let us know when you give this Manx Queenie recipe a try.